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Chomp Your Way To Become The Ultimate Sea Predator

Leading the life of a shark, your primary objective is to search the world’s oceans and eat as many sea creatures as possible, rising in the food chain to grow into the ultimate predator. With three colossal open worlds to traverse, you need to survive for as long as possible by eating anything and everything which comes in your way. In the initial stages, you have to consume the local sea life to prevent from starving to death. However, as you keep on feeding, you slowly exhaust the ocean of living creatures. Thus it is vital to have a game plan to handle each stage so that you can traverse far without starving.

The Ocean World

Each ocean world is diverse in nature, allowing you new and exciting places to explore.

  • The Pacific Island tourist hotspot, replete with tropical beaches is full of colors makes you feel as though you are on a summer holiday.
  • The Arctic Ocean’s uninhabited frozen wasteland comprises of a top secret military base and wide open spaces. The absence of color in this part of the world complements to the coldness of its location.
  • The Arabian Sea is an industrial site involving pumping oil rigs. It has many hidden areas which you explore with awe.

The Game Controls

The game controls are extremely easy to grasp. Learning to use the controls in the game proves to be child’s play.

  • Use one finger to touch the screen and move where you desire the shark to move while simultaneously use the other finger to provide your shark a boost.
  • Your shark has a life bar that continuously goes down until and unless you feed, while the boost bar exhausts when you utilize the boost and refills when not using it.
  • Thus, these set of controls is really easy to use enabling people of all ages to play the game.

Climbing up the food chain

Beginning from the bottom of the food chain as Extra Small Shark there are six various sizes you need to be to ultimately become the ultimate predator i.e. Extra Large Shark.

  • The developers have created more new sharks in this version of the game which resemble real shark breeds and imitate their real life characteristics.
  • As you progress towards unlocking bigger sharks, they have an increasingly larger diet, so you can gobble up more sea creatures.
  • Moreover, you can unlock some pets that give a boost to the stats, for example, speed or power, or arm your shark with various accessories.

The in-game currency

The in-game currency is gold coins and gems. You can easily collect gold coins by consuming golden sea creatures or humans. The Gems prove to be a rarer commodity.  Most of the bigger sharks require lots gems to purchase and this game encourages you to purchase these for real world money. The hungry shark world hack is an online tool which gives you unlimited gems and coins. But it demonstrates to be a fake link. Thus, Hungry Shark World with elegantly designed graphics exhibits off the best the ocean has to offer.

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