How will the Indy Connect plan be funded?

A combination of federal, state and local dollars, as well as transit fares, will be used to build, operate and maintain the bus and rail system in this plan, but a new dedicated source of local funds will be needed.

The plan proposes an increase in the local income tax of 0.3 percent (three-tenths of a percent) to create dedicated local funds for the project. The plan’s advocates are asking the Indiana General Assembly to authorize a referendum in November 2014 to give voters the final say on whether or not to create this new fund.

Counties would each decide when to put a transit proposal on the ballot, and would not be subject to a new tax until after the residents of that county voted to become part of the system. The plan ensures that each county that participates will directly benefit from its investment in the transit system.

To bring the Indy Connect plan to life, our first goal is for the Indiana Senate and House of Representatives to pass legislation allowing a ballot referendum in November 2013 to give Marion and Hamilton County voters a voice in creating a local funding source for transit.

Support Indy Connect Now and ask your state senator and state representative to put mass transit on the ballot so voters can weigh in on the Indy Connect plan.

Why Indy Connect Now?

Options: In the face of high gas prices, people need more convenient and less expensive transportation options. For some people, driving is not an option and an improved mass transit system is essential to provide greater access to jobs, healthcare, education and recreation.