Just what is the Indy Connect Plan?

Based on decades of research by transportation experts, with input from the public, elected officials, and civic and business leaders, the proposed Indy Connect transit plan is the most comprehensive ever developed for Central Indiana. It is designed to connect people to people and people to places around Central Indiana. It will provide better transit options – from local and express buses, to bus rapid transit lines, to rail rapid transit lines – that will connect people to jobs, healthcare, education and recreation. It will increase Central Indiana's competitiveness and economic development opportunities, while improving job growth, quality of life, neighborhood revitalization and the environment.

In its planning stages, residents throughout Central Indiana were given the opportunity to review and comment on the draft. More than 150 public meetings, informational displays and community speaking engagements were held throughout the region and educational materials were distributed to encourage further feedback. A group of local elected officials and civic and business leaders have endorsed a phased plan to begin in Marion and Hamilton counties. Additional counties can choose to join the transit system by conducting a local voter referendum at a later time.

To bring the Indy Connect plan to life, our first goal is for the Indiana Senate and House of Representatives to pass legislation allowing a ballot referendum in November 2014 to give Marion and Hamilton County voters the ability to approve new local funding for transit.


Are there any studies of central Indiana's transit system?

Over the past several years, many have studied and proposed plans to improve central Indiana's transit system. In 2008, the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership, the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce and the Central Indiana Community Foundation formed the Central Indiana Transit Task Force to examine the region's transportation system. To learn more about their findings and the Indy Connect plan, read the briefing.

What is in the mass transit bill?

House Bill 1011 is the current mass transit bill Indiana legislators are considering. HB1011, as it passed the Indiana House, would allow voters in each county to decide at a public referendum whether to make an investment in transit in their communities. To learn more about the bill, read the summary.

Support Indy Connect Now and ask your state senator and state representative to put mass transit on the ballot so voters can weigh in on the Indy Connect plan.

Plan Highlights

Local and Express BusLocal and
Express Bus

Double bus service in Marion County and add service in Hamilton County. Express bus routes feature quick access to major centers, including downtown Indianapolis to Indianapolis International Airport.  

Bus Rapid Transit Lines Bus Rapid
Transit Lines (BRT)

Sleek, technology-advanced BRT vehicles provide rapid and frequent service through four key corridors.